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What’s a City Project?

Available in three European locations, each City Project will see you create the ultimate travel guide for your chosen city, combining your newly honed skills with your experiences and individual perspective of the city around you. The guide will be yours to keep, share or further develop at the conclusion of the project.

How does it work?

This is your chance to develop your knowledge and skills in the exciting and growing world of travel using the perfect mix of classroom-style sessions and workshops with on-foot experiences within your destination city. Learn from industry professionals passionate about travel and sharing experiences through digital and traditional media channels.

How much experience do I need?

Absolutely no experience is required and we encourage people of all ages and industry backgrounds to apply. Our classes are taught in English so fluency in this is essential. 

I’m new to this – is that ok?

That’s totally ok! Rest assured you’re in good hands. Our team is made up of travel addicts and industry professionals who believe in inclusivity and sharing good experiences with others. We encourage all participants to share their own insights gained along the way and to be open to, and respectful of, different perspectives and new ways of thinking.

How many people are there in each project?
Up to 12 people per project. We keep our project numbers low so that we can work together more closely with you and you with us and your team mates. It is about quality for us and not the quantity.
Why are the Total Wanderlust projects different costs?
Depending on which city you choose for your project, the work-spaces we use for classes vary in price. However, different cities cost differently in terms of how much 'spending-money' you'll need, a city project that costs a bit more may in fact be a cheaper one to stay in. As we always say "it generally all works out in the wash".

Where do I stay during my project?

Anywhere you like, the choice is yours; Airbnb, hostel, hotel, a friend's couch - anywhere. If you need any help choosing, we know some greats places to stay.

How do I apply?
Easy! Access your application form HERE, once completed and the terms & conditions are read and agreed to, we will then review your application within 2-4 business days and notify you of the outcome. Once accepted you will receive an email outlining the next steps toward starting your next adventure.

Can my friends and family visit during my project?

Yes! Invite your friends and family to be part of your WCP experience. They can arrange their travels to fit around your classes and research time, enabling you to show off your new city.

How does the payment side of things work?
First of all, a
fter receiving an official place on the project by email, you will be required to pay 50% deposit within 7 days. The remainder will then be required as per the terms and conditions of your project or in some unique circumstances: an agreement with WCP via email. Payment is made to WCP via our Paypal account.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

All project members need to have travel insurance, completely up to you which one you choose to have. Need help with this?  Let us know and we will point you in the right direction.

Do I need a Visa?
Project members coming from Australia, United States of America or Canada only require a holiday visa. Anyone within the European Union require no visa. At this current stage the United Kingdom is formally still part of the EU, therefore require no visa. If you come from a different country it is advised that you contact your local embassy to see what is required for you to gain a visa.

Can I be financed for this kind of Project?
Many universities in EU, AUS and UK finance projects because the experiences teach valuable, transferrable skills which can in turn be applied to future employment - these include team-building, resourcefulness, problem-solving, planning etc. It is best to speak with your University coordinator and direct them to our website.

Where can I find your information on the online programs/workshops?
Our online options/workshops are rolling out soon, to stay up to date JOIN OUR MAILING LIST!

Can’t find your question?

If your unable to find your answer or would like to discuss a question in more detail then please contact the team who will be happy to help.

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