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TERMS & CONDITIONS for WCP: Projects/Online/Workshops.

Please be aware that all terms & conditions are applicable to all Wanderlust City Projects’ projects, online programs, workshops etc regardless of location or season unless stated otherwise.
For the purpose of this document the business ‘Wanderlust City Projects’ will be referred to as WCP or WCP Projects, otherwise as ‘Wanderlust City Projects’.
The Australian Business Name of the business is ‘Wanderlust City Review’ however now trades as ‘Wanderlust City Projects’ since the 2019 rebranding.

Definitions and Interpretations in these Conditions.
The Business known as ‘Wanderlust City Projects’ is run through the ABN held by Courtney Jeremiah.
The business is registered in Australia within the state of Victoria.
‘The project member’, ‘student’ or ‘participant’ shall mean the person in whose name the booking place is made and shall include the person or persons on whose behalf the same is made.
‘Force Majeure’ shall mean any event outside of the business’ control which prevents the prompt performance of its obligations, including war and civil strife, etc.

WCP 2020 Projects/Workshops/Online Programs.
Wanderlust City Review have 3 cities of projects scheduled for the 2020 season: Madrid, Amsterdam and Berlin. ‘Total Wanderlust’ projects are made up of 29 days unless a workshop series is added then will become a total of 32 days which listed on website and in email before commencement, ‘Intense Wanderlust’ Projects are made up of either 14 days or if a workshop series is added they will then become a total of 17 days this is included in the website and in email upon receipt of place in the project. Online programs vary in duration and will be advised later in 2020 on the website and in email before commencement. Workshops are offered as stand-alone sessions or in a workshop series, the location, duration and time specified on the website and in email before commencement, workshops may be an option added to projects and online courses.

Application and Enrolment in Projects/Courses/Workshops
Process to apply: In order to apply for a project, course or workshop, the applicant must fill out the application form entirely, read and agree to these Terms & Conditions. Applicants will be notified via email of the outcome (successful/not), if successful, will then pay a 50% deposit or alternatively the full amount, send proof of identity in accordance with the terms and conditions below and receive a final confirmation of enrolment.
Application forms: Application forms are provided within the website and work in accordance with information written on the website or advised written/verbally. Before applying it is integral that the applicant has read and understood these terms and conditions as well as website/email information provided. Application forms must be completed entirely leaving no sections empty. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application within 7 days of officially applying, if not earlier – via the email provided to WCP on the application form.
Enrolment & Initial Deposit: Once an official offer has been made to the applicant via email, an initial 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid to WCP by the due date specified on the initial invoice issued. If the 50% deposit is not paid, we cannot reserve a place on the project/Online Program/Workshop(s). All outstanding fees must be fully paid 48 days before commencement in order to join. The initial deposit confirms a project member/student’s intention to join a project/online program. A potential project member/student cannot confirm their place on the project/online program without making a deposit which is 50% of the total project fee. The deposit is non-refundable in any case other than a cancellation of a project/online program. Workshop(s) do not require a deposit as the full amount must be paid prior to commencement in order to secure their spot on the workshop(s).
Proof of Identity: WCP requires all successful applicants to send their proof of identity to WCP via email within 7 days of invoice: passport or 'Identity Card' by the EU/UK. If the applicant is yet to acquire either, they will send over a form of identification such as a Drivers Licence or a Keypass for the interim, as soon as they have acquired a passport or 'Identity Card' it will then be scanned/copied and sent to WCP by email. WCP requires a passport or Identity Card be sent no later than by 32 days prior to project commencement/ 24 days prior to online course commencement, otherwise project member/student will lose their place.
Place and Payment: No contract is made between the company and the project member/student and no place is valid until the company has issued a confirmation invoice by e-mail and received the 50% deposit. Every potential project member/student must read the terms and conditions and state in the application this has been done and is agreed. The company will not issue an invoice until applicant is successful in enrolling in a project/course/workshop, by sending an application the applicant shows a desire to receive the invoice. Once a deposit is paid it is agreed that the Project member/student wishes to confirm a place fully with immediate effect- All bookings for the project/online program/workshop are made once the payment arrives. If the full balance (including deposit) of the project/course is not paid by the final due date shown on the initial confirmation-invoice the company reserves the right to cancel the project member/student’s place without any form of refund – no later than 48 days prior if a project, 24 days prior if an online course.
All Project places are not transferable to other individuals unless special circumstances have been agreed via a Project co-ordinator/ WCP Director. All project fees must be settled prior to the project start date otherwise this may cause issues with the project members arrival date of when they are authorised to join the particular WCP project/Online Program/Workshop. All external circumstances or external issues that may affect a project member/student’s participation in the project/Online Program/Workshop(s) prior to the commencement or during, must be discussed with a project co-ordinator/ WCP Director. Any extra requests are at the discretion of the business and must be signed and authorised via the Director of the company. The WCP Project/Online Program/Workshop(s)’s fees are a tailored experience for each project member/student and covers the supply of session materials, passenger transport, train or bus tickets for certain organised excursions and project/workshop activities which are booked for specific dates and any leisure activities that require booking tickets.  If a successful applicant wishes to, they may pay their full fee amount for their project/course in one initial transaction but must be done within 7 days, if having done so it is the responsibility of the project member/student to notify WCP in email.
Additional information: A copy of the Terms & Conditions will be sent to all the successful applicants for their own reference, by email along with initial invoice.
Any fees incurred by transferring project/course/workshops fees will be at the cost of the successful applicant. All fees are to be paid into the WCP Paypal account, unless agreed otherwise at the discretion of WCP.
No one other than the person who wishes to attend the project(s), online course(s) or workshops(s) is allowed to complete the application form, by agreeing to these terms and conditions, the applicant declares that it is him/her applying and not on behalf of another.

Information regarding Projects/Online Courses/Workshops-
Information written on the website is written in a true and detailed manner indicating all information necessary for applicants to apply for the projects/workshop(s) or Online Programs. All information is revised regularly, and participants/students of projects are sent a thorough email with all necessary information roughly 28 days prior, online programs 14 days prior and workshops 1-2 days prior. In the event of any important changes, all project members/students will be notified ahead of time and any applicants will be notified after applying and/or when it is important to be informed.

Accommodation and Flights
WCP take no responsibility for the accommodation or any flights necessary by the project member for Projects.
Although, Wanderlust City Projects can give advice on reputable airlines or places to stay, ultimately it is the responsibility of the project member to choose which they feel is best suited to them. WCP cannot book accommodation the project member’s behalf, in some cities WCP has discount codes for accommodation providers and this will be issued to the accepted project member after the 50% deposit has been paid by the date specified in your confirmation email. If a project member/student wishes to arrive in the city earlier than the ‘Arrival Day’ date of the project they are to advise WCP at least 3 weeks prior in writing.

Medical and Travel Insurance and Visas.
All project members must have appropriate Medical and Travel Insurance. Up-to-date Passports, travel documents, visas etc., are the sole responsibility of project members to organise and make sure all is in order before arriving in the city. If a project member is unable to join the project due to any change in circumstances or not being allowed into the country where the WCP Project takes place due to an external reason or a third-party decision, the project member is not eligible for any kind of refund as the costs of the project member have already been allocated. All belongings and valuables are the sole responsibility of the project member and the company cannot take any responsibility for any loss or damages or any item brought into the country illegally.

Visas are the responsibility of the project member to obtain or research of whether it is necessary for them to enter and stay in the country. WCP Projects are not considered a form of employment or pay project members. Therefore, working visas are not required however some countries may require a valid tourist/travel visa. If a project member is unsure of this, it must be researched ahead of time. WCP takes no responsibility for the project member not being able to enter the country if they fail to obtain a visa if necessary.


Confirmation of Project/course running.
WCP requires a minimum number of participants to run each project/Online Program/Workshop(s). If any of these are unable to go ahead due to not enough participants, any confirmed project members/students will be fully reimbursed for any monies paid back into the bank account from which it was transferred or if by Paypal – back into the payer’s Paypal Account unless advised differently. Any confirmation leading to cancellation of project will be notified by email by no later than 48 days prior to commencement. Any confirmation leading to cancellation of an online program will be notified by email by no later than 24 days prior to commencement. Any confirmation leading to cancellation of a workshop(s) will be notified by email by no later than 2 days prior to commencement. However, WCP will always endeavour to let project members/students know as early as possible.
It is recommended by WCP to not book any flights for projects until the confirmation of a project has been notified by email or phone. WCP advises project members who have confirmed a place on the project to only book accommodation which is able to be refunded in the event that a project is unable to commence. WCP holds no responsibility for third parties, their terms and conditions or any monies paid to them as such. It is advised that project members understand the full terms and conditions of the flight providers and their accommodation providers before reserving/paying for anything.

Cancellation & Refund
If the project member/student wishes to cancel their booking this must be done in writing by the project member/student who made the application. Once the project/online program begins all project fees are non-refundable unless WCP has seriously breached contract (and these terms and conditions) and cannot rectify the matter within 7 working days.
If we WCP cancel the Wanderlust City Projects project/online program and it will not/does not go ahead for any reason (before 48 days prior to project commencement/24 days prior to online program), all fees paid at this point will of course be refunded via a bank transfer within 30 days of official cancellation. Any outstanding balance which may have been owed by the project member/student will not be reimbursed as it was not paid.  If we WCP cancel the Wanderlust City Projects project/online and it will not/does not go ahead because of any major risks (occurring at any time during or prior) to project members/students e.g. ‘Force Majeure’ all fees will of course be refunded via a bank transfer within 30 days of official cancellation. In any event of a project/online program’s cancellation (for whichever reason) additional money outside the project/online program’s fees will not be paid for any inconvenience.
If the full amount is not paid by 48 days before the project beginning, project member will lose their place on the project and will not be subject to any form of refund for any monies paid.
If the full amount is not paid by 28 days before an online program begins, the student will lose their place on the program and will not be subject to any form of refund for any monies paid.

If, we decide to cancel a project member/student’s place due to payment(s) not being made on date(s) agreed in email, any monies paid will be reimbursed by bank transfer/PayPal transfer less deposit in accordance to the below.
Cancellation of project member’s place, after 4 weeks from date of initial invoice will only see 50% of any monies paid (at that point, less the 50% deposit) returned.
Cancellation of project member’s place,  after 5 weeks from date of initial invoice will only see 30% of any monies paid (at that point, less the 50% deposit) returned.
Cancellation of a project member’s place, after 6 weeks from date of initial invoice will not see any refund of any monies paid whatsoever.
Cancellation by the project member/student due to ‘change of mind’ will not be refunded the 50 % deposit under any circumstance, any monies paid (less the 50% deposit) will be reimbursed by bank transfer/PayPal transfer in accordance to the below. If a project member/student wishes to cancel due to ‘change of mind’ must do so by email and the date of the email will determine the refund below.
Any monies (at that point, less the 50% deposit) paid up to 30 days prior to project/course commencement will only see 30% of the total paid returned.
Any monies (at that point, less the 50% deposit) paid up to 60 days prior to project/course commencement will only see 50% of the total paid returned.
Any monies (at that point, less the 50% deposit) paid up to 90 days prior to project/course commencement will only see 75% of the total paid returned.
Prior to 90 days before project/course commencement (other than the deposit) any monies paid to WCP will be returned in full.

Alterations by the Business.

The business will do its utmost to provide the arrangements that have been confirmed, but it must reserve the right to modify or cancel any experience or itinerary if unforeseen circumstances arise .If ‘force majeure’ occurs while the experience is in progress, the company will try to make speedy and reasonable alternative arrangements for any project members affected by any changes to a project.

Liability of the Company

The company accepts responsibility for ensuring that all parts of the Wanderlust City Review projects experience are supplied as described and that all services shall reach a reasonable standard. The entity ‘Courtney Jeremiah’ (Business holder and owner of Wanderlust City Review trading as ‘Wanderlust City Projects’) is an intermediary between its project members and travel organisations and any extra-curricular or off-site services.  Under no circumstances can ‘Courtney Jeremiah’/Wanderlust City Review/ Wanderlust City Projects’ be held responsible for any delay, accident or loss which may happen during the project member’s project. ‘Courtney Jeremiah’/Wanderlust City Review/Wanderlust City Projects’, however, endeavour to defend the project member’s interests in the event of breach of contract on the part of the travel organisation, or extra-curricular or off-site service law.

Adjustments by the Project member/Student

If the project member wishes to change their booking place in any way (such as transfer to a different project of the same season) after the confirmation invoice has been issued, they must inform WCP immediately (and subject to availability), in writing and receive confirmation from WCP regarding the request.  WCP reserves the right to charge any further costs incurred as a result of the change. We may alter or waive these costs at our discretion. WCP does not accept any liability or responsibility for changes in arrangements for transport, accommodation, tuition or any other matter made by third parties.  We will not be liable to pay compensation in such cases. Any changes may or may not be possible, the project member/student must request the change in writing and WCP confirms the message was received. It is up to the discretion of WCP if a project member/student will be able to change the dates or transfer to another project/online program/workshop - largely subject to availability in other projects/programs etc. Any changes that the project member/student may make during the project that incur any extra expense must be initially cleared by a project co-ordinator/WCP Director and not assumed that WCP simply agrees to pay the extra expenses. These changes cannot take place before receiving official confirmation of the mutually agreed change in writing by the Project Co-ordinator/WCP Director asked.


Project members/students who cause damage to any meeting/work-space, property/business or company property will have to pay the full cost of replacement or repair. With any serious intentional damage depending on the circumstances they may be asked to forfeit their place and leave the project/workshop.

Behavioural Expectations

By joining a WCP project/course/workshop, the participant assumes certain obligations to Wanderlust City Projects, its community, and other programme project members/students. If on-site coordinator(s), mentor(s), teacher(s) or facilitator(s) determine a project member/student fails to meet the behavioural expectations of the project (outlined in detail on Orientation Day) they may be asked to leave the project/course. Situations will be dealt with by WCP as they arise and concerning project members/students will be notified in writing of the outcome.
If a project member/student are asked to leave under these circumstances will not receive a refund whatsoever.


Resolution of Disputes
If any project member/student is unhappy with any aspect of the Wanderlust City Projects’ project/online course/workshop during their project/online course/workshop experience, they should contact the group coordinator/WCP Director/facilitator as soon as possible. We will investigate the complaint if we receive it within 28 days after the end of the experience. The matter will be fully investigated, and a detailed response will be given within 28 days after receiving the complaint.
If any student of a workshop(s) is unhappy with any aspect of the training conducted by WCP during their session, they should advise the teacher/mentor as soon as possible.
Resolution of disputes in detail.
If a Project member/student wishes to lodge a complaint in relation to their project/online program/workshop, they shall first bring the complaint to the attention of the in-country coordinator on location/mentor assigned to online programs etc., who will make reasonable efforts to, with and, where possible, resolve the complaint within a reasonable time. If the coordinator/mentor is unable to resolve any serious complaint, and the project member/student chooses to terminate their placement early and depart the project/online program/workshop, they shall provide the coordinator/mentor with a written version on event prior to departure. Compensation cannot be provided for early departure unless extreme circumstances are found, which will be determined at the sole discretion of WCP. Project members/students agree that WCP shall not be liable for damages or compensation relating to any claim regarding inconvenience, disappointment, discomfort or loss of enjoyment.

Sessions (Writing/Editing/Language/Culture/Photography/Design/Layout/Specialty workshops) – Sessions dates/times and locations will be advised on the timetable given on day 1 of Projects/workshops at the meeting space, at the beginning of an Online Orientation or at the start of stand-alone workshops/workshop series . All sessions of ‘Projects’ are held at our meeting spaces in or close to the city centre of either Madrid, Amsterdam or Berlin. Foundation sessions in Culture, Language and Photography are designed to set the project members up for the project with the learning of foundation skills in these areas unless stated otherwise. Writing & Editing and Design & Layout sessions are ongoing and will be held numerous times throughout the project’s weeks, all of which focus on our goal of creating a print/online publishable travel writing piece.
Project Members are to use the workspaces only during the times indicated on their timetables that they receive on their ‘Orientation Day’. Respect is to be shown to the work-space and all who use or run the space during their sessions. All sessions included in the project relate to the common goal and purpose of the project.
Specialty Workshops, Ongoing sessions, Foundation sessions and project related activities/excursions may change days, times, period lengths due to any staff illness, weather conditions, external conditions or may be replaced by a relevant project related task by a project co-ordinator on location depending on the progress of the project at his/her discretion and qualified judgment for the sole benefit of the project and the majority of other project members/students.


Team Meetings and Team Nights.
Will be held at several locations in the city. These will be advised on the timetables received on Orientation Day. These may change due to external factors such as weather, ill staff etc. Project members will be notified at the earliest possible convenience of any change.

Activities and Excursions
Descriptions of project related activities and excursions which accompany the projects/workshops are for guidance only, unless specifically noted in the confirmation invoice. Some activities may be substituted by other project/workshop activities.

Supervision of Project Members/Students
There are times when project members/students  are supervised and times when they are not, this is due to the nature of the projects/workshops – it is expected that the participants will go out and explore the city seeing everything it has to offer during projects. The times staff are with them are for ‘class time’: writing/editing sessions, design/layout sessions, specialty workshops, travel photography session(s), culture & language sessions, team meetings, team working time, team nights, excursions and some cultural activities. The number of staff with the participants depends on what they are doing, how many of them there are and the location.


Project members accept that they may be subjected to various physical and emotional demands and accept that the standard of living, including food, hygiene and accommodation in the foreign country placed may be below the general standards of their own country. Project member’s participation is completely voluntary and assumes all risks associated within the project. All project members/students must disclose at time of application any pre-existing or existing allergies or medical conditions (including depression and eating disorders) and any disabilities. Any medical conditions arising after Application and prior to Placement must be disclosed to WCP prior to placement commencement. WCP reserve the right to refuse Application based on these disclosures if deemed necessary.  WCP reserve the right to cancel an application or terminate a placement without refund if false information or lack of disclosure is found to have been supplied. WCP is not held responsible for the administration or monitoring of any medication.
While WCP make every effort to establish safety conditions and risk assessment – project members/students are warned that the general standards of health, safety and hygiene in the location may not be of comparable standard to the home country of the project member.
In addition to other project responsibilities, as a WCP project member/student you are also responsible for:
- being of sufficient health to undertake the project/online course/workshop.
- acting in an appropriate and respectful manner towards local people, fellow project members/students and staff in accordance with the customs, laws, regulations and ordinances of the country of placement.
-communicating effectively your interests, skills, limitations, and needs to home community members and project/course/workshop staff members.

T&C's last revised on 13th of November 2019.

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